IDEAS palawan

Promoting Environmentally Nurturing Community Development

Brief Description


The Institute for the DEvelopment of Educational and Ecological Alternatives, Inc (IDEAS) is a Nongovernment Organization formed in Silang, Cavite in 1985 by social development men and women at the height of the massive call for the restoration of democracy in the Philippines. It was registered with the Philippine Securities and Exchange commission (SEC) on April 25, 1985 and was issued SEC Registration Number 126145.

IDEAS started its development work with Peasants in Cavite in 1986 and expanded its programme in 1987 with the Indigenous Peoples known as Mangyans in the Province of Oriental Mindoro. It has helped establish People’s Organizations and has promoted environmentally sensitive farming systems and technologies.

 In 1997, it started its programme in the Province of Palawan with the support of Helvetas Swiss Association for International Cooperation through a Programme  Development Research  that led to the development and subsequent implementation of a program around Sustainable Agriculture promotion among Indigenous as well as Non-Indigenous farmers in selected areas in the Province. Bread for the World started supporting Palawan programme in 2001 until today.

Currently, IDEAS maintains offices and programmes in the three provinces of Cavite, Oriental Mindoro, and Palawan. The head office is based in Silang, Cavite.



IDEAS envisions a just and democratic society:

 Ö        Where every person has access to adequate and safe food, education, clothing, shelter, and all other basic necessities for survival and well-being;

Ö        Whereby the rural men and women has democratic access to and control over productive resources like land, capital, technology, and natural resources;

Ö        Which rests on an empowered and conscientized men and women citizens living in a sustainable environment.

 Institutionally, IDEAS envisions to become and regarded as an effective primary NGO in the field of sustainable Agriculture and Environmental Protection with bias for the marginalized sectors.



To contribute in facilitating change in Philippine Society through environmental protection with focus on waste management, sustainable agriculture/forestry, and environmental nurturance.