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CALL for TENDER - Video/Radio Clips for MMPL

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CALL FOR TENDER - Communication Products Dev't.


We are in need of technical person or company to produce Audio-Visual Presentation (3 min Video Clip; 30 Sec Video Clip) and Radio Plug (30-sec) to promote Mt. Mantalingahan Protected Landscape (MMPL) in Palawan.

Interested?  The Terms of Reference (TOR) can be downloaded in the link below: ;

Revisiting Threats in Mt. Mantalingahan Protected Landscape (MMPL) - REPORT

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Puerto Princesa City Palawan/ 29 june 2013

"Revisiting Threats In Mt. Mantalingahan Protected Landscape (MMPL)" is a project of the Protected Area Management Board (PAMB) through the Institute for the Development of Educational and Ecological Alternatives (IDEAS), funded by the Philippine Tropical Forest Conservation Foundation. The purpose of the short term project is to assess the occurence of the threats and locate them in the map through community mapping and focus group discussions as well as site visits. Subsequently recommendations were formulated to address the threats. It was found out that the threats before the proclamation of the protected area as such still exist until today, 4 years after its proclamation. The threats were located in the MMPL through mapping and focus group discussions were helpful in coming up with spatial comparison. Slash and burn land preparation, logging, forest conversion, wildlife poaching, mining, are among the twenty (20) threats identified and analyzed. It was confirmed that poor resources invested was one of the major factors that kept the threats in MMPL. Recommendations were formulated that will guide investments to achieve the goals and objectives of the MMPL to keep and enhance the flow of ecosystem services sustainably. These will then serve as inputs to the review and revision or updating of the management plan for the MMPL.

The report can be dowloaded this link below:

Report on Participatory Climate Change and Disaster Risk Assessment and Planning - A joint project between IDEAS and Municipal Government of Quezon, Palawan

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The report is a product of a collaborative work between Municipal Government of Quezon and IDEAS implemented in 2012 with support from Bread for the World. The document consists of the consolidated output of the assessment and plan facilitated in 14 barangays/villages in the municipality of Quezon. 

This report then, serves as a reference in elaborating Disaster Risk Reduction Programme and plan of the barangays and the municipality of Quezon, Palawan.

We welcome comments and suggestions on this report. The report can be dowloaded from here at:

Philippines: No progress on UN goals

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Philippines: No progress on UN goals


April 29, 2010, 10:53 AM



No progress has been made by the Philippines in achieving the eight Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) set by the United Nations since 2007, a high-ranking UN official said on Wednesday.


Renaud Meyer, the United Nations Development Program country director for the Philippines, was referring to the eight MDGs namely: to halve extreme poverty and hunger, to achieve universal primary education, to promote gender equality and empower women, to reduce child mortality, to improve maternal health, to combat HIV/AIDS, malaria, and other diseases, to ensure environmental sustainability and to develop a global partnership for development.

The 189 government leaders of UN member-countries agreed to achieve the goals by 2015. Meyer revealed that the Philippines has stagnated in coming up with measures in addressing poverty, ensuring gender equality and reducing maternal mortality rate.

The country, though, made significant strides in improving sanitation, providing dietary energy requirements, reducing child mortality, combating malaria and facilitating access to safe drinking water and toilet.


“The Philippines was on track [in achieving the MDG goals] until 2007, when the global economic crisis, rise in food and fuel prices and governance issues came into play,” Meyer said in his lecture during the 1st Asia Pacific University Student Leaders Conference held at the Makati Palace Hotel on Wednesday.


The conference gathered 125 student leaders from the Philippines, Cambodia, China, India, Japan, Singapore, Canada, Austria, France, Germany, Spain, United Kingdom and Madagascar.


The crisis, costly food and fuel and governance matters, according to Meyer, resulted in the rise of poverty incidence to 33 percent, compared with the 30 percent in 2007, and the exponential rise of HIV cases in the country. This year, the Philippines is registering four new HIV/AIDS cases a day.


Meyer blamed corruption and the absence of the reproductive health bill for such stagnation.

“At least 20 percent of the Philippines’ national total budget is going to the wrong hands. Not surprisingly, the budget for education has not changed in the last 30 years, so schools are forced to do more with less, hence the high dropout rates,” he pointed out.

He urged the government to pass the reproductive health bill, which he said seeks to promote respect for life, informed choice, birth spacing and responsible parenthood in accordance with internationally recognized human rights standards thru guaranteeing universal access to medically safe, legal and quality reproductive health-care services and relevant information on use of condoms.


Meyer expressed displeasure that a great percentage of the half a million abortion cases in the Philippines annually (with majority of them involving young women ages 15 to 24) are unwanted abortions since the mothers are not receiving enough medical attention because of lack of reproductive health services.


“Let’s face it. There has been a study that if the Philippine population continues to grow at this rate, it won’t have enough resources to feed its people by 2025. Overpopulation affects Manila’s bid in attaining the MDGs because it constraints the resources for the people. The more children a couple have, the fewer children will be sent to school,” he said.

The Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines, highly influential because 80 percent of Filipinos are Catholic, has repeatedly argued against the reproductive health bill and distribution of condoms, which it said promotes promiscuity.

“This has nothing to do with spirituality, with religion. This is a health, or even a survival issue,” Meyer said.


He noted that while the Philippines always took pride in having a good migration policy to make sure that it is deploying skillful and quality overseas Filipino workers and that they will be safe working in the lands, the $18-billion worth of remittances from the OFWs are not being spent well.


“This is a missed opportunity, even if they just allot 0.01 percent of [the OFW remittances] to provide for barangay [village] health centers, or classroom improvements in a village, it would already make a difference. But of course, it would take a lot of political commitment to do that,” Meyer said.


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IDEAS Joined the 2nd National PAMB Summit

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Calamba City. The second National Protected Area Management Board (PAMB) Summit was held at Monte Vista Resort in Calamba City on April 27-28, 2010 organized by Tanggol Kalikasan together with the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR). It is a follow through activity of the outcomes and commitments forged among delegates during the 1st National PAMB Summit held in 2009 in Manila. Among the objectives of the Summit were to share best practices in the management of Protected Areas as well as to renew commitments among PAMBs and supporters for the effective management of the protected areas. A total of 132 participants coming from 44 PAMBs in 15 regions and other support organizations both from the government as well as nongovernment organizations and entities participated in the event. Only ARMM region was not represented in the said event. Roger V. Garinga of IDEAS, being one of the NGO representatives of the newly created PAMB of Mt. Mantalingahan Protected Landscape (MMPL) situated in Southern Palawan joined the event together with the Protected Area Superintendent (PASu) Forester Clarissa Pador and LGU representative Mr. Mar De Vera. The MMPL covers portion of the municipalities of Quezon, Rizal, Espanol, Bataraza, and Brooke’s Point with a total land area of 120,457 hectares of forest of varying degree of cover.


This event is a significant one especially for the MMPL-PAMB for it not only to get to know other PAMBs but most importantly to learn and draw lessons from their experiences that will help MMPL-PAMB to effectively manage the newly proclaimed protected area/landscape. It is also significant for IDEAS where several of its project partners are situated in or close to the MMPL zones and that its engagement in the protected areas brings important opportunity in linking agri-based livelihood efforts to the protection of the resource base - the farm itself and the greater watershed or ecosystem such as the protected area/landscape.


Mt. Kitanglad Range Natural Park was one of the best practices on Protected Area Management that was presented, focusing on the overall protected area management with emphasis on resource mobilization and resolution of IP issues through sustained dialogue and harmonization of PAMB concerns with that of the Ancestral domain concerns. Sustained multi-sectoral dialogue and support were seen as key elements in the success of protected area management giving premium on community and LGU effective participation. These attracted funding support from many funding organization local and abroad. However, Many if not all of the 109 protected areas in the country still face similar issues that revolve around conflict in resource use, funding limitation, among others as raised in the 1st National PAMB Summit. Hence, the delegates agreed to continue to pursue affirmative action/s for successful protected area management in the areas of Law enforcement, resource mobilization, site management, and partnership and harmonization.


A significant highlight of the Summit was the presentation of the salient features of the Special Rules of procedure in the prosecution of environmental cases which was promulgated by the Supreme Court very recently that took effect on April 29, 2010. This is expected to facilitate the resolution of environmental cases in the Philippines. With this, a resolution by the delegates was adopted commending the SC for coming up with such rules of procedure greatly favoring the environment. END

IDEAS Attended the Philippine Procurement Network Capacity Assessment Workshop in Palawan

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Puerto Princesa City, Palawan. IDEAS was one of the few civil society organizations in Palawan invited and participated in the Capacity Assessment Workshop conducted by the Philippine Procurement Network (P2N). Held on April 15, 2010 at Kookaburra Travel Lodge, the workshop is one of the series of provincial assessment workshops being conducted nationwide to a) assess the Civil Society’s practices in procurement monitoring; b) set up coordination mechanism among procurement observers; and c) gather ideas to sustain local procurement monitoring initiatives.


Republic Act 9184 and its implementing rules and regulation provides for the guidelines used by the government in its procurement programs and activities. Likewise, the same law and regulations provides for the civil society’s participation as observers in the procurement process specially in bidding processes of the government.

As part of the governance advocacy of IDEAS, it participates as observer in several bidding processes upon the invitation of the Bids and Awards Committee of the local government of Quezon. Hence, the event was an opportunity for it to enhance its capacity and an opportunity as well in expanding its linkages in building up support in this aspect of its development work.


While civil societies in Palawan have varying experiences in observing procurement processes particularly in the bidding processes, the assessment revealed the need for a capacity building among civil society observers. Also the need to strengthen coordination and support build up among civil societies involved in observing bidding processes was revealed.


Once completed, the national assessment report shall be prepared and shared among the different civil society participants and that future course of action to improve and sustain civil societies’ role as observers in the public procurement system and thereby promote transparency and accountability in public procurement shall be developed. END


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Photo Courtesy of Mr. Ric Armonia


Talisay City, Negros Occidental.  Bread for the World (BfdW) sponsored the National Conference-Workshop on climate change and disaster risk reduction for its partners in the Philippines, IDEAS being one of them. Titled “Climate Change in the Philippines – A Challenge for Disaster Risk Reduction, Adaptation, and Mitigation Policies”, the conference-workshop was conducted from March 16-25, 2010 at CICM, Talisay City in cooperation with Negros Center for People Empowerment and Rural Development (NCPERD) and Negros Institute for Rural Development (NIRD) as hosts and both BfdW partners in Negros Island. Several partnerS of EED were also invited to join the conference-workshop. The first part of the conference focused on the climate change issues including the science behind and the different scenarios for the Philippines. Of particular interest was focused on the impact of the climate change on food security in the country. Gender and HIV-AIDS were also considered as a cross cutting issues being promoted by BfdW within the climate change debates and programmes. The second part was focused on Disaster Risk Reduction which involved practical inputs and exercises on how to conduct DRR assessment and planning. Ms Anna Niklasch, Project officer of Bread for the World in the Philippines joined the 2-part event.


The municipality of Valladolid and several of its barangays where NCPERD is implementing a pilot project were visited by the participant as part of the learning and sharing processes. Particularly on the DRR assessment and planning, the participants were able to experience participatory approaches in the conduct of Disaster risk assessment.


It is expected that BfdW partners will eventually include climate change adaptation and disaster risk reduction as one of the cross cutting themes in their respective projects. Hence, each partner institution was asked to prepare re entry plan relevant to the mainstreaming of climate change adaptation and disaster risk reduction along with gender and HIV-AIDS concerns in their respective programs and projects.

IDEAS Executive Director Appointed to the National Solid Waste Management Commission

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The EcoWaste Coalition lauded the appointment of an experienced advocate and practitioner of sustainable development to an inter-agency body that is tasked by law to protect the public health and the environment from trash and pollution.


Eileen Belamide-Sison, 63, took her oath of office yesterday, 26 February, before

Environment Secretary Horacio Ramos, as non-government organization (NGO) representative to the National Solid Waste Management Commission (NSWMC).

The NSWMC, which is under the Office of the President, is assigned to watch over the enforcement of Republic Act 9003 or the Ecological Solid Waste Management Act of 2000, particularly in overseeing the implementation of ecological waste plans and prescribing policies to fulfill the goals of the law.


“Her appointment is a triumph for the out-of-the-box, people-centered Zero Waste approach to addressing our society’s garbage woes. As the lone voice of non-profit NGOs in the Commission, we intend to provide Eileen with the necessary support and invite other groups as well to assist her for a more effective representation of the public interest,” said Rei Panaligan, Coordinator of the EcoWaste Coalition.

“When you give the lone dissenting vote on critical environ

mental issues, which will likely happen more often than not, please be assured that we will back you up,” added Sonia Mendoza, Chairperson of the Mother Earth Foundation and former NGO representative to the Commission. “I wish you success in your present assignment, which is just a continuation of your advocacy.”


“Her experiences and insights on waste issues would be a clear value added to the work of the Commission, whose leadership and direction we hope should advance our goals to achieve a Zero Waste and toxic-free future,” stated Von Hernandez, Executive Director, Greenpeace Southeast Asia.


Sison is executive director of the Institute for the Development of Educational and Ecological Alternatives, Inc. (IDEAS), a non-profit organization involved in community research, education and trainings on sustainable development. She was President of the EcoWaste Coalition from 2005-07, and a member of the Council of Leaders of the Cavite Green Coalition and the Solid Waste Management Association of the Philippines. She has extensive experience in people-oriented environmental and developmental work, spanning some 40 years, that has brought her to various parts of the country as researcher, educator and trainer on sustainable agriculture, ecological sanitation and solid waste management.

The NSWMC is composed of 14 members from the government sector and three members from the private sector, including a representative from NGOs promoting recycling and the protection of air and water quality.


As per R.A. 9003, the private sector representatives of the Commission shall be appointed on the basis of their integrity, high degree of professionalism and having distinguished themselves in environmental and resource management.


Source: Ecowaste Coalition

Protected Area Management Board (PAMB) of Mount Mantalingahan Protected Landscape (MMPL) organized

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The Protected Area Management Board (PAMB) of the Mt. Mantalingahan Protected Landscape (MMPL) in southern Palawan was finally organized and convened at the South Palawan Planning Information Center at the municipality of Sofronio Espanola last February 26, 2010. IDEAS is one of the members of the PAMB for MMPL.


Delegates coming from five municipalities of Quezon, Jose Rizal, Sofronio Espanola, Brooke’s Point, and Bataraza representing Municipal government, barangay government, women, NGOs, Tribal representatives, and other agency representatives gathered as its first organizational meeting. The body agreed to elect a Co-Chair in the person of Sofronio Española Mayor Hon. Marcito Acoy who will work together with the Regional Executive Director of the DENR-MIMAROPA as the Chairperson.


The draft Protected Area Management Plan was subsequently adopted following the presentation by the CI representatives. Similarly, an EU-funded project for Mount Mantalingahan was announced and presented by the Team of Hon. Mayor Acoy, the chair of South Palawan Planning Council (SPPC). The objective of the project is primarily to capacitate the PAMB as well as the Protected Area Superintendent (PASu) office headed by Forester Clarissa Pador.


Presidential Proclamation Number 1815 was signed by the President last June 23, 2009 covering a total area of 120,457 hectares of forests in Mt Mantalingahan range.


It is indeed a welcome move in the midst of the growing call for individual and collective actions at the local as well as global levels to combat the negative impacts of climate change.


The proclamation of the Mount Mantalingahan as a protected Landscape was made possible through the effort mainly of the Conservation International (CI) which provide technical as well as financial resources and conducted necessary activities to achieve the objective of designating Mt Mantalingahan as a protected landscape.(END)

MAFC Quezon Awarded Most Outstanding MAFC in Palawan for 2009

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The Municipal Agricultural and Fisheries Council (MAFC) in the Municipality of Quezon was conferred Outstanding MAFC Award. The award was conferred by Hon. Joel T. Reyes during the Provincial Farmers and Fisherfolk Achievement Day held last March 18, 2010 at A and A Plaza Hotel, City of Puerto Princesa, Palawan.  


MAFC Quezon was recognized for its support to the agicultural development through various project endorsement, projects monitoring, and policy recommendations.


Similarly, Roger V. Garinga was also conferred a Certificate of Recognition being the chair of the Council.



Posted: 9 April 2010